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Smartpanel HMI Technical Support
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Brainchild HMI Technical Support
Technical Support Contact:
Shown below are links to download the following Technical Support Information:


Smartpanel Brochures and User Manuals


Product Brochures

BC-HMI Full Brochure.pdf [3.3MB]

BC-HMI Data Sheet.pdf [89KB]

BC_HMI Open Panel Brochure.pdf (320KB) (Windows CE OS)

BC-HMI Matrix and Price.pdf [34KB]

_el Studio Development Software

Product Manuals

BC-HMI_Hardware and Panel_Studio_User_Manual.pfd [13.8MB] (UMHMI-01H)

BC-HMI CE Manual.pdf (2.9MB) (UMSW01F) (Open Panel Win CE OS)

HMI Remote Viewer Overview-Manual.pdf [571KB] (from User Manual)

BC HMI VNC Configuration.pdf(manual)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

BC_HMI_Frequently_Asked_Questions_v1.0.pdf [123KB]

(from Panel Studio User Manual)


CAD Drawings


Agency Approvals



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Panel Studio Development Software


Panel Studio Development Software

Panel Studio Software [202MB]

Panel Studio Release Notes v0.9 through v2.22.pdf

Panel Studio Plus Extended Software: includes "Symbol Factory" with over 4,000 symbols; contact factory to purchase


Enhanced Objects

HMI Enhanced Objects PV210 [25MB]


Software required to utilize Panel Studio Software

Microsoft_Dot_Net_V3.5_SP1_(for_Windows_XP/2003_Server).zip_ [225MB]

OPC_Server_v3.51.3.zip_[112MB] (required to communicate to most PLCs)



Additional Software Tools:


Historical Viewer (Data Logging)

Historical Viewer [60MB]

Historical Viewer Release Information v1.0 to v4.30.pdf


Modbus RTU Serial and Ethernet TCP Manuals & Driver List

BC_HMI_OPC Modbus_Serial_UMHMIo1EA_09-2010.pdf [310KB]

BC_HMI_OPC Modbus_TCP_UMHMIo2EA_08-2010.pdf [224KB]

BC-HMI_Serial_&_Ethernet_Driver_List.pdf [10KB]


HMI Remote Viewer

HMI Remote Viewer [10MB]

HMI Remote Viewer Overview-Manual.pdf [571KB] (from User Manual)


VNC Remote Access

BC HMI VNC Configuration.pdf (how to enable)


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FAQ - HMI and Panel Studio Development Software




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Panel Studio Self-Training

Introduction.zip_______ [17.4MB]

Project_Explorer.zip__ _ [17.8MB]

Graphics.zip_________ [16.6MB]

Symbol_Factory.zip____ [20.7MB}

Basic_Objects.zip_____ [14MB] _ [12MB] [60MB]

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Optional Network Software


The Network zip file links below include the following:

  • User Manuals for the specific network
  • Network specific Data Files
  • Sample Projects for HMI and PLC (PLC as appropriate)




CANopen.zip____ _[12MB]

CC-Link.zip__ ____[9.4MB]


Note: All of the above require a protocol specific network card except for Modbus RTU which utilizes standard Serial port


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Smartpanel HMI Firmware (WinCE Operating System) Downloads



The HMI WinCE Firmware (operating system) version is dependent upon the HMI's CPU and RAM memory. The CPU type may be found on the System Information on the HMI's Control Center with description and download links below.


CPU-6410: .x533Mhz..128MB.RAM xx(pre 2014 - standard on HMI 450-730)

CPU-PC100: 667Mhz. 256MB RAM xx(2014 - standard on HMI 450-730; previously standard on HMI 750-1050-1550)

CPU-PV210: 1Ghzxx.x256MB RAM xx(2014 - standard HMI 750-1050-1550 and specific versions of models 450/730 with the PV210 CPU)


HMI Firmware Upgrade Procedure

Smartpanel Firmware Update Procedure.pdf


HMI Firmware Downloads by model & CPU type

HMI 450-730 CPU-6410 v2.02zip_[20MB]

Brainchild HMI Firmware Image CPU 6410 Release Notes v1.27 thru v2.00.pdf


HMI 450-730 CPU-PC100 [20MB]

Brainchild HMI Firmware Image CPU PC100 Release Notes v1.27 thru v2.00.pdf


HMI 750-1050-1550 CPU-PC100 v2.02.zip_[20MB]

Brainchild_HMI Firmware Image CPU PC100 Release Notes v1.27 thru v2.00.pdf


HMI 750-1050-1550 CPU-PV210 [24MB]

Brainchild HMI Firmware Image CPU PV210 Release Notes v1.27 thru v2.00.pdf



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Open Panel Windows CE Information


Product Brochure

BC HMI Open Panel Brochure.pdf (320KB) (Windows CE OS)


Product Manuals

BC-HMI CE Manual.pdf (2.9MB) (UMSW01F)

BC-HMI Hardware and Panel_Studio_User_Manual.pfd [8.1MB] (UMHMI-01G)


OEM Tools

(auto run maker for boot lading image, run power on application, desktop shortcut, registry editing, etc.) [2.5MB] [2.5MB] [2.5MB] [8KB] (sample 6410Pro and PC100Pro PBXML files)


Windows CE 6.0 Core Image [18MB] [18MB]


Contact Technical Support for additional information on Board Support Packets (BSP) and Software Development Kit (SDK)

As appropriate the following tools may be made available. [39KB] [4.3MB]


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