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The New C-Series
Temperature Control Single Loop High Performance
  • Oven - Furnaces - Kilns
  • Hot Plates / Melt Pots
  • Food Service Equipment
  • Environmental Chambers
  • Sterilizers / Autoclaves
  • Packaging Machines
  • Plastics Machinery: Extrusion,        Injection, Molding, etc.
  • Multi-Color Display
  • Low Cost High Performance PID Control
  • 3-year Warranty
  • Universal Input T/C-RTD, VDC, mA, mV
  • Simple to Use & Configure
  • SEL configurable prompt sequence
  • Alarms configurable with Time Delay "active"
  • PC Configurable
  • PID Fuzzy Assisted Auto Tuning
  • Setpoint Logic: Static or Ramp Rate
  • Profile Ramp Soak for C82/82 & C42
  • up to 4 control outputs & Options       - Retransmission of SP/ PV
          - Remote Setpoint,
          - Serial Modbus RS232/485
          - Remote Setpoint,
          - up to 6 Event and 2 CT Inputs
  •    CE   Rohs



    Product Brochure & Pricing

    C-Series Brochure.pdf

    C-Series Price Sheet.pdf


    C-Series Manuals

    FDC_C-Series_User_Manual_UM0C621C.pdf [4.8MB]

    FDC_C-Series_QuickStart_User_Manual_UM0C621C.pdf [1.8MB]


    FDC_C-Series_Quick_Operation_User_Manual_UMQOC621A.pdf [900KB]


    Warranty: 3-Years

    FDC Controls Products 3-Year Warranty.pdf


    CAD Drawings

    C-Series .STP Drawings


    Product Line Review Brochure:

    FDC_Product_Line_Review.pdf (415KB)


    DIN Rail Mount 1/16 & 1/32 DIN Panel Mount Controls

    DIN Rail Mount 1/16 - 1/32 DIN Accessory,pdf

    DIN Rail Mount Accessory Price Page.pdf


    Additional Information

    FDC-Set PC Configuration Software.htm


    Loop Controls MANUAL LOADING STATION.pdf


    Serial Communications

    DIN Communication Accessories.htm

    RS232/485 SN10A Converter for PC communication.pdf


    Agency Approvals

    UL Conditions of Acceptability - 4100.pdf

    UL Conditions of Acceptability - 9100.pdf

    UL Approval.pdf

    CSA Approval.pdf

    CE Conformity.pdf

    RoHS Compliance.pdf

    EC Conformity.pdf


    California Proposition 65 Warning



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    The New C-Series High Performance PID Process Control

    from $129 List


    Future Design Controls Multi-Color LCD display C-Series set a new standard for DIN temperature controllers packed with performance to meet low cost OEM needs while providing reliable High Performance temperature and process control with 3-Year Warranty.


    C-Series Panel Mount Sizes

    The C-Series is available in 1/32 DIN C22, 1/16 DIN C62, 1/8 DIN C82/83, 1/4 DIN C42 and R22 DIN Rail Mount. The 1/8 DIN are available as vertical and horizontal while the R22 is a DIN rail mount control perfect for high density single loop control requirements.


    Ease of Use:

    The multi-color LCD display, configurable space for output annunciation, PID % output, count down timer or Profile information provide operators with an ease of use not found in this class of instruments. In addition the SEL function provides additional flexibility & operator ease of use by allowing configuring those parameters significant to the operator [up to 8] to display in sequence when the scroll key is depressed.  [P, I, D,  Shift, Cycle 1, deadband, etc., or nothing displayed].


    Input Resolution and Auto Tune:

    With the highest input resolution for like products, fast scan rate and proprietary Fuzzy Logic Auto Tune the C-Series provides world-class control performance.


    Control Outputs:

    Dependent upon model the C-Series is available with up 4 control outputs which can be configured up to 2 PID or 1 PID with 3 alarm or event combinations, In addition optional Serial Modbus, Retransmission, Remote Setpoint, configurable Event inputs, CT inputs and more.


    Alarm Configuration:

    Configurable Alarm Logic includes process, deviation and deviation band, all with Latching, non-Latching and Alarm Hold and individually configurable time delay to minimize nuisance alarms. There is also an alarm Timer function to allow a configured count down timer to begin when the alarm is activated; the display may be configured to show the time remaining.


    Ramp to Setpoint:

    All models include a configurable Ramp Rate to setpoint in degrees per minute or hour.


    Profile (Ramp Soak):

    The 1/8 and 1/4 DIN C82/83 and C42 offer Profile ramp/soak function supporting up to 16 steps. Configurable as 1 profiles with 16-steps, 2 profiles with 8 steps each or 4 profiles with 4 steps each. Outputs other than output #1 may be configured as event outputs.


    Manual Loading Station: Instead of being used as a PID control the 100 & C Series may be configured as a Manual Loading Station to provide easy method to manually control a linear output. The single display C Series are the most popular models for Manual Stations. Additional information can be found at: Loop Controls Manual Loading Station.pdf


    OEM or Distributor Private Branding is available.



    Specification Review

    • Power Input:
      • 90-250VAC 47-63Hz
      • 11-40VDC / 20-28VAC 47-63Hz optional
    • Input sample rate - 5 scans/second
    • Input Resolution - 18 Bit [262,144] click here for 18 Bit descr.
    • Inputs - Universal Thermocouple & RTD, Linear mA/VDC (standard)
    • Control Outputs: Up to 2 isolated PID control outputs; to have two PID outputs #1 must be PID & output #2 is default PID Cool .Available outputs are:
      • relay 2A/240 VAC resistive [form A (spst)]
      • SSRD 5VDC/30mA
      • SSRD 14VDC/40mA
      • 4-20/0-20mA
      • 0-10VDC
    • Alarm Outputs: depending upon model and configuration up to 3 outputs. Output #2/Alarm #2 may be specified as any control output shown above while remaining alarm outputs are relay (Form A (spst)).
    • Communications:  Modbus RS232, RS485, VDC and mA retransmission.
    • Transmitter Power Supply [isolated] is available.
    • Security: Software configurable - allows
      • None: All parameters are unlocked
      • Set: Setup Configuration Data is locked
      • User: All data locked except SP#1 
      • All: All data locked
    • Nema-4x / IP65:




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