Standard Products Price Book September 2015.pdf - 674KB

100 & C Series: High Performance Temperature Controls with up to 3 control outputs and communications; 1/32 - DIN

From $139 List

FDC-C21 Temperature ControlFDC-9100 Temperature ControlFDC-8100 Temperature ControlFDC-4100 Temperature Control


90 Series: 1/16 DIN High Peformance Temperature Control with up to 2 control outputs

From $180 List

9090 Temperature Control

Profile Ramp/Soak Controls


P41 & P91:

1/4 and 1/16 DIN process & temperature profile control:

9 profiles (recipes) with up to 64 segements/profile, event inupt, 2 PID control outputs, up to 3 alarm or event outputs, two sets of PID parameters, communications and more.

From $221 List


P41 Profile Temperature Control


B42: Board Level P41:

icatio Board level version of the P41 with an optional display board (see DIN Rail Mount & Board Level Controls). Typically operator interface to the B42 is via RS485 Modbus RTU.

Analog Controls: Simple to Use Basic Temperature Controls: 1/16 - DIN:   From $99 List

901 Temperature Control905 Temperature Control805 Temperature Control404 Temperature Control






Product Line Review Brochure:

FDC_Product_Line_Review.pdf (415KB


100 & 300 Series Power Point Review


DIN Control Accessories:

DIN Controls FDC-Set Configuration Software.htm

Enclosure Dimensions - DIN controls.htm

DIN Control Series - Feature Comparison.pdf

Terminal Covers.pdf

DIN Controls Output Module Part#.pdf

OEM Private Branding.htm



Agency Approvals

UL Approval.pdf

CSA Approval.pdf

CE Conformity.pdf

RoHS Compliance.pdf

EC Conformity.pdf


Control Comparison:

100, 300, B, C, P, L & 90 Series

Single Loop Control Comparison.pdf (25KB)


DIN Rail Mounting Adapters.pdf


Future Design Controls: 888.751.5444

Process and Temperature Controls

300 Series: High Performance Process & Temperature controls - standard with 3 inputs and available with up to 4 control outputs and communication;  1/32 - DIN

From $206 List

FDC-2500 temperature control FDC-9300 Temperature Control FDC-8300 Temperature Control FDC-4300 Temperature Control

L Series Limit Controls - FM Approved:

L91 1/16 DIN and L41 1/4 DIN

Series 7L  Surface or DIN Rail Mount

From $139 List

L91 High Limit Contol 1/16 DIN  L41 high limit control 1/4 DIN   7L High Limit Control

DIN Rail Mount & Board Level Controls

Series 8: DIN Rail Mount Temperature Control - 20 amp relay


B Series Board Level PID & Profile Temperature Controls



From $149 List

Series 8 Temperature Control   B41 Temperature Control    B42 Profile Ramp Soak Control

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nCompass Control System

nCompass Control System


Orion-M Control System

Orion-Mi Control System

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