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FDC-9090 1/16 DIN Single Loop controls
9090 1/16 DIN Temperature Control High Performance FDC 9090
  • Oven - Furnaces - Kilns
  • Hot Plates / Melt Pots
  • Food Service Equipment
  • Environmental Chambers
  • Sterilizers / Autoclaves
  • Packaging Machines
  • Plastics Machinery: Extrusion, Injection, Molding, etc.
  • Low Cost 1/16 DIN PID Control
  • 3-year Warranty
  • Universal Temperature Inputs
  • Simple to Use & Configure
  • Setpoint Logic: Static or Ramp Rate
  • PID Auto Tuning

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    Product Brochure & Pricing

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    9090 Series Price Sheet.pdf


    9090 Series Manual

    9090 1/16 DIN Manual.pdf


    Warranty: 3-Years

    90 Series 3-Year Warranty.pdf


    90 Series Obsolete Products (1/8 / 1/4 DIN)

    90 Series Brochure.pdf (obsolete)

    8130 1/8 DIN Manual.pdf (obsolete)

    4120 ΒΌ DIN Manual.pdf (obsolete)


    Control Comparison:

    100, 300, B, C, P, L & 90 Series

    Single Loop Control Comparison.pdf (25KB)


    Product Line Review Brochure:

    FDC_Product_Line_Review.pdf (415KB)


    DIN Rail Mount 1/16 & 1/32 DIN Panel Mount Controls

    DIN Rail Mount 1/16 - 1/32 DIN Accessory,pdf

    DIN Rail Mount Accessory Price Page.pdf



    Additional Information

    Terminal Covers.pdf


    DIN Controls Standard Features.htm

    DIN Control Alarm Configurations.htm

    DIN Mechanical Accessories.htm

    DIN Controls Special Features.htm

    Enclosure Dimensions - DIN controls.htm

    OEM Private Branding.htm


    DIN Control Series - Feature Comparison.pdf

    DIN Controls Output Module Part #.pdf

    Price Sheet DIN Controls Output Modules.pdf


    Agency Approvals

    UL Approval.pdf

    CE Conformity.pdf

    EU_REACH Compliance.pdf

    RoHS-3 Compliance.pdf


    California Proposition 65 Warning


    Need single loop controls and Data Acquisition system?


    EnVision PC Based Data Acquisition

    A FREE PC based SCADA software offers unrivaled flexibility for remote SCADA access to up to a mix of 128 devices.


    Devices include Future Design Controls loop, IO and Orion-M iSeries control systems.

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    9090 Series Temperature Control

    from $200 List


    Future Design's 9090 1/16 DIN temperature control set a new standard for DIN temperature controls when introduced in the early 1990's. With tens of thousands shipped, the 9090 Series provides reliable low cost high performance temperature control with a 3-year warranty requirements.


    At one time the 90 Series also included 1/8 and 1/4 DIN controls; models FDC-8120, FDC-8130 and FDC-4120. These controls were made obsolete in 2007. The 100 Series Controls, models 8100 and 4100 are ideal replacements for the models 8120, 8130 & 4120.


    Offering a fast scan rate [3 times/second] and proprietary Fuzzy Logic Auto Tune the 90 Series provides world-class control performance.


    Unique Parameter Selection provides user flexibility & operator ease of use: Alarm SP, Setpoint Ramp Rate & PV Offset can be configured to be displayed in a variety of sequences when the scroll key is depressed.


    Configurable Alarm Logic [process, deviation & band] with Latching, non-Latching and Alarm Hold. Additional features include one Ramp/Soak segment, timer function, configurable output 1 and alarm hysteresis, PV Shift [bias], View PID % output, Set Point Ramp, and very shallow mounting depth.


    OEM or Distributor Private Branding is available.


    Specification Review

    • Power Input:
      • 90-264VAC
      • 20-32VAC optional
    • Input sample rate - 3 scans/second
    • Input: Universal thermocouple & RTD
    • Control Output #1: PID or on/off control outputs:
      • relay 3A/240 VAC resistive [spdt]
      • ssr driver - 24VDC/20mA
      • 4-20/0-20mA into 500 ohms maximum
      • 0-10VDC minimum impendence 500K ohms
    • Alarm Outputs - all 2A/240VAC resistive
      • 9090: One Form A relay [spst
    • Security: 
      • Three Levels of operator interface & configuration that require operator knowledge to access.
      • SEL Parameters can be configured for full access [unlocked] or View only [locked].
    • Nema-4x / IP65:
      • Model 9090 - Not Available [see DIN Accessories for external splash guards.]




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