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Smartpanel HMI Operator Interfaces
HMI Operator Interface SmartPanel HMI
January 2022 only 4.3" & 7" HMI available
  • 4.3", & 7 "  Touchscreen HMI
  • High Performance 1GHz CPU
  • Large RAM & SDRAM Memory       128/256MB
  • Ethernet, SD, USB & Serial (2) Ports
  • Horizontal or Vertical Mounting
  • IP65 Front Bezel Panel Mount
  • Free Panel Studio Development Software
  • Supports all Major Brand PLC
  • Simple to Use & Develop Projects
  • Multiple Language Fonts
  • On-Line and Off-Line Simulator
  • Display pdf files in runtime (requires CE Pro)
  • Remote Viewing Support
  • Optional Networking Modules:        DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, ProfiNet,        Ethernet/IP, CANopen and CC-Link
  • Windows CE Pro is available for         custom developments.
  •          UL File: E305931    


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    BC-HMI_Full_Brochure.pdf [6.4MB 08-2018]

    BC-HMI_Data_Sheet.pdf [89KB]

    BC_HMI_Open_Panel_Brochure.pdf (320KB) (Windows CE OS)

    _el Studio Development Software

    Product Manuals


    Panel Studio Development Software / OPC Server


    Product Part Number and Pricing

    BC-HMI_Matrix_and_Price.pdf [34KB]


    Technical Support Downloads


    Modbus RTU Serial and Ethernet TCP Manuals & Driver List]



    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    BC-HMI_Frequently_Asked_Questions_v1.0.pdf [123KB]


    HMI CAD Drawings


    Agency Approvals



    Brainchild REACH Compliance.pdf


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    What are the Smartpanel HMI Series?

    Smartpanel HMI /Operator Interfaces provide high performance wide panel high resolution TFT color displays with the memory and speed to handle dynamic graphics. Standard memory is 128MB Flash and dependent upon display size either 128MB or 256MB SDRAM. With an SD card slot available there is sufficient internal and external memory for almost any HMI application (data logging, alarm, recipe or other file management).


    Display Description and Sizes

    Smartpanel HMI screens are now (2022) available in two sizes, 4.3" & , 7 allowing you to choose the model that best fits the requirements or your process. The HMI 450's 4.3" offers a high resolution display (480 x 272) with features and capabilities typically only found it units costing hundreds more - to the HMI 730/750 (7") with 800 x 480, models the Smartpanel HMI Series offers both a cost effective and high performance solution.


    The fast and powerful Arm Cortex-A8 CPUs provide high performance communications, graphics and touch response functions. The Arm Cortex-A8 CPU provided in the HMI 450/ 730 is 667 Mhz while the HMI 750 is a high speed 1 Ghz.


    Displays are available with a black overlay border (shown above), neutral silver, green or custom color..


    Communication Ports and Networking Cards

    Smartpanel HMI's offer Ethernet, Serial and USB ports with an extended offering of optional networking cards (slave) that makes data exchange between PLCs and other host devices a snap. Optional networking cards include ProfiBUS-DP, ProfiNET, DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, CANopen, CCLink with additional protocols to be added.

    (Note: Serial Modbus RTU does not require an optional networking card as it utilizes one of the standard serial ports)


    HMI Remote Access via Windows PC and/or VNC

    In service Smartpanel HMI's may be accessed from Windows PC running Brainchild's free HMI Remote Viewer or embed a VNC Server to allow access from virtually any PC or smart device with a VNC viewer. Both the HMI Remote Viewer and VNC allow remote access as though standing in front of the HMI. See the for additional information and downloads.


    HMI Display Operating System

    Standard Smartpanel HMI's come with Windows CE 6 operating system (OS) with Panel Studio's Control Panel embedded within the OS. Control Panel function is required to utilize Panel Studio to develop applications/projects for the HMI. The HMI may also be ordered with Windows CE Core as well as CE Professional OS without Panel Studio's Control Panel. Typically CE Core or Professional OS are required when developing projects with 3rd party software and/or projects created with Microsoft Visual Basic.


    Display pdf files on the HMI Displays

    The Smartpanel HMI's, when ordered with the optional Win CE Professional OS with Panel Studio, supports viewing pdf files directly on the HMI. This allows manuals and other support documentation to be easily saved within memory, SD / USB devices and accessed at the HMI. Contact to learn more how to display pdf files directly on the HMI.


    OEM Proprietary Applications; Visual Studio, Wonderware, InduSoft, Movicon, etc.

    For OEMs developing their own proprietary application software the Smartpanel HMI's are also available as Open Panel with standard Windows CE 6 Core or CE 6 Professional. In this case the Control Panel application required to use the free Panel Studio development software is not embedded in the OS. The Open Panel configuration is typically required for 3rd party SCADA software development packages; i.e. Wonderware, InduSoft, Movicon, etc. or for applications created with Visual Studio. See the for additional information on HMI displays specified as "Open Panel".


    Panel Studio Development Software


    Panel Studio Development software is included with every HMI display and may also be downloaded from the


    Panel Studio is an easy to use yet powerful development software, offering high-resolution symbol library, Tag Database, Screen Templates, Pop-up Screens, Schedulers, Recipe, Alarms, Data Logging, Security, Portrait or Landscape mode and more. Multiple language fonts including Roman, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The Optional Panel Studio Plus offers Symbol Factory, with over 4K high-resolution symbols with run-time animation capability.


    With the button function editor, online & offline simulation from the development PC and project compiler, Panel Studio allows your projects to be defined, created, edited, delivered on time and on budget.


    The OPC Server within Panel Studio includes Serial and Ethernet drivers for most PLC and Inverter brands and models while also providing diagnostic tools to test communications without using Panel Studio. Panel Studio and its' embedded OPC Server allows the Smartpanel HMI series a one-stop source for Operator Interfaces for almost any application.


    For further information on Panel Studio refer to the




    With the variety of screen sizes, memory / processors to easily handle dynamic graphics, multiple communication ports,powerful but easy development software or as an Open Panel, networking cards to support data exchange and low cost makes the Smartpanel Series the most flexible and low cost HMI solution.



    Smartpanel Display General Specifications:

    • Click Smartpanel_specifications.html for a specification list and comparison for each model.
    • Display Type: TFT wide screen
    • Display Resolution: Dependent upon display size (480 x 272 to 400 x 480)
    • Display Colors: 65,536
    • Display Life: 50,000 hours (HMI450 30K hours)
    • Power Input: 11-36VDC with optional 90-250VAC (90-250 VAC available on the HMI750.
    • Memory: 128MB Flash with either 128 or 256MB SDRAM.
      • 128MB SDRAM: Models HMI 450 & 730 (optional 256MB)
      • 256MB SDRAM: Model HMI 750
    • CPU Microprocessor Arm Cortex-A8 with speeds below by model:
      • HMI 450/730: xx xxxxxxxxxx 667 Mhz
      • HMI 750/1050/10601550: 1 Ghz
    • Real Time Clock (RTC) and Buzzer: standard on all models
    • Communications:
      • Ethernet (1 port HMI 750, optional on HMI450 / 730).
      • USB Host (1 port on all models)
      • Serial Ports (2 on all models, DB9 RS232 & DB25 RS232/422/485 xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx(Serial Modbus RTU is standard)
      • Audio I/O (n/a HMI 430 & 730, optional HMI 750)
      • SD Slot (optional on HMI 450 & 730, standard 750)
    • Optional Communication Networks (n/a HMI 730):
      • Profibus-DP
      • ProfiNet
      • DeviceNet
      • Ethernet/IP
      • CANopen
      • CC-Link
    • Enclosures: IP65 front (Nema 4X), IP20 rear. Front panel Material varies by model:
      • Plastic: Models HMI 450 & 730
      • Aluminum: Models HMI 750
      • Stainless Steel IP66: Optional on Models HMI 750.
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