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DR5000 Non-Catalog Options

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DR5000 Non-Cataloged Options


The DR5000 Ink & Thermal style recorders have been supplied with non-cataloged options to meet specific OEM and user application needs. A two digit suffix is added to the part number to identify these non-catalog options.

Shown below are descriptions of some of the non-catalog options provided in the past. The two digit suffix is not provided as in many cases they include OEM private branding and/or combination of other hardware changes.

Contact us for more information on these or other special options required to meet your needs.

  • Private Branding:
    • DR5000 may be private branded with the branded name on the front cover door, custom user manual, chart plate decal, etc. Typically Future Design Controls name remains on the Agency Approval label when UL is required.
  • Power Input:
    • As standard power input is field selectable 120VAC or 240VAC 50/60 Hz.
    • Optionally 24VDC and 12VDC are available.
  • Transmitter Power Supply:
    • Optionally a 3rd party transmitter power supply may be installed inside the recorder to provide power to a field transmitter whose output is typically used as an one of the inputs to the recorder; typically this is a 24VDC power supply.
      • When supplied the transmitter power supply voids UL approval and the UL label must be removed.
  • Custom Charts & Ranges - Ink Style Recorder:
    • Custom Chart ranges have been printed with option of including a private brand (OEM name) are available.
      • The DR5000 Thermal "print your own chart" capability eliminates the need for custom chart ranges.
  • Optional Display and Decimal Point
    • As standard the display option does not offer a decimal point..
    • Optionally a decimal point may be specified at order entry; for two pen recorders both pen values will have a decimal point.
  • Optional Display and Pen #2 chart range different than Pen #1 (typically for Temperature / Humidity Recording)
    • Pen #2 chart & display range as standard had the same range as Pen #1. When Pen #2 with linear input display range, i.e. 0-100, is different than pen #1 range, i.e. -70 to 100C, the recorder may be ordered with Pen #2 input and display range fixed for a specific values; i.e. 01VDC input with display range 0 to 100. In this case Pen #1 range & input type are fully configurable.
  • Process Linear Inputs:
    • As standard recorder is configurable for 0-5VDC, 1-5VDC and 4-20mA.
    • Optionally 0-1VDC or other non-standard ranges are available replacing the 4-20mA configuration setting. For two pen recorders must specify at time of order entry pen #1, pen#2 or both to have special input range.
      • With the optional display linear inputs have default display range of 0-100 with all inputs having no decimal point. A custom range and decimal point may be specified at order entry.
  • Chart Rotation:
    • As standard recorder is configurable for 4, 8, 12, 24, 72 hour and 7-day.
    • Optionally 12-day, 30-day and 32-day rotations are available. When provided these non-standard rotations are fixed with no other rotation may be configured.
  • Buzzer:
    • A buzzer mounted inside the recorder may be installed and wired to the alarm output. This voids UL approval. Thermal "Print your own Chart" model Alarm Setpoint(s): Alarm setpoint is shown on the display after the change chart sequence.
  • Recorder Configuration shipped to OEM Specifications:
    • As standard recorders are field configurable for input type(s), chart range, chart rotation, filter factor, alarm action, etc.
    • With sufficient volume OEMs may specify specific configurations to eliminate requirement for unit configuration on the OEM assembly floor and would be assigned a specific 2-digit code to the order matrix.



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