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DR5000 Operational Status LED located below the Keypad

                      DR5000 skeletol view circular chart recorder          DR5000 keypad view circular chart recroder



DR5000 Operational Status LED


The Status LED Indicator [green] provides the following to an operator: 

  • LED is not on:
    • Indicates there is no power to the recorder.
  • LED is on steady & pen(s) within chart range:
    • Unit is operating normally.
  • LED is on steady & pen(s) above 100% mark on chart range.
    • Unit is in Change Chart Mode; Action - depress Change Chart Key to return to normal operation.
  • LED Flashing RAPIDLY & pen(s) within chart range:
    • Indicates optional 9VDC battery is low; Action - replace battery.
  • LED Flashing RAPIDLY & pen(s) at 0% or 100% of chart range:
    • Indicates sensor break or PV is out of programmed chart range.
  • LED Flashing Slowly [0.8 seconds]:
    • Unit in Set up or in Sensor Offset Mode:
      • Sensor Offset Mode: Complete Offset and/or unit will time out in less than 10 seconds and return to normal operation.
      • Set up Mode: There is no time out in Set up  Mode; complete Set up or power down & up the recorder to exit Set up.



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