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EnVision Overview


What is EnVision?

EnVision is a FREE SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) package allowing users to assemble a data acquisition system of up to 128 devices without the need for programming. The Devices can be a mix of Future Design Controls Orion-M multi-loop control system, loop controls (100, 300 and C-Series single-loop PID controllers, L91/L41 limit controllers &P-Series profile controls) and FDC-IO modules.  Data from each device can be monitored from the Windows® based EnVision package. Connection to the individual devices is accomplished via an RS485 serial connection or Ethernet-to-serial connection


EnVision provides a rich set of tools for control interaction and data analysis. Control data can be viewed in device detail, faceplate, digital and trend formats (up to 8 Trend Views each with up to 12 values).  You can change set points, alarm set points, initiate loop control auto-tuning and even create, save, download and start profiles/schedules for any Orion control system or P-Series loop control in the system.


Feature Review


EnVision Data Logging

The EnVision software package can monitor up to 128 individual devices.  Each of the 128 devices, whether a mix of Orion-M control systems, loop controls or 8-channel analog modules, each can have their data saved to the hard disk at user-defined rates. With a separate data log file for each device and one system log file (select from values from any combination of devices & data points) EnVision can concurrently run up to 129 different data files! Each data log file may have its' own default storage path.


Operator Events or Messages may be added at any time while digital signature capability provides data integrity. Data file analysis tools (digital and trend) advanced Search tools and more allows looking at schedule run data a simple task.


How many variables can be Monitored & Logged?

A mix of different devices may be on the link but if all 128 were Orion-M iSeries control systems with each Orion having 30 PV and 15 sets of Setpoint & PID % output values EnVision would provide access to 5,760 variables that could be monitored in real time with up to 129 data log files running concurrently!


EnVision Profile (Ramp Soak) Management

EnVision provides easy method to create, edit, archive, download and start profiles for any Orion-M iSeries control system or P Series profile loop control. All profiles are saved directly to the hard drive of the PC which makes them available to download to the appropriate device on the network. Notes, auto tagged with time & date, may also be added relative to specific profiles and attached to the profile for easy future access. A profile "plot view" is available for both the Orion & P Series profiles.


EnVision Alarm Capabilities

EnVision not only monitors and shows loop controls & Orion-M iSeries alarms but also supports up to 200 configurable soft alarm points that can be tied to any point within any device in the system. Each of EnVision's alarms can be assigned a specific alarm message that will be shown when activated. Combined with a 3rd party USB powered 8-relay output module (Ontrak ADU208 relay card) alarm relay outputs may be easily configured at the PC running EnVision.


LAN Features: email/text on alarm and Web Page

EnVision supports up to 30 email/SMS addresses and can be configured to send messages when an alarm occurs.


EnVision’s web server allows users to view device operations remotely over an internet connection.  The web server provides “read only” access which means users can only view the operation of each individual controller connected to the system; set point changes, starting/stopping of profiles, etc., is not permitted.  


Security & Audit Trail

EnVision's security features are not just applicable to the pharmaceutical industry.  Any industry that requires secure data files, audit trails and authenticated logins to initiate process changes can take advantage of these features.  The security can also be turned off for companies that do not require security in their systems.


EnVision offers 4 user group with over 40 user rights to be enabled or disabled.


When enabled EnVision's security provides a detailed user Audit Trail providing detail of every operator action. With advanced search functions it is a snap to create & review custom Audit Reports.


EnVision General & Service Notes per Device

EnVision provides the user with the ability to enter both general and service notes, for each controller in the system.  The note files are saved individually per control, so that the use and maintenance history of each can be tracked. When a new note is created, it is automatically tagged by date and time of creation.



CFR21 Part 11 Compliance

EnVision offers 21CFR Part 11 security features for use in Pharmaceutical or any industry that requires controlled security access to software functions, encrypted data, electronic signatures and audit trail listings




EnVision Manual




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