FDC-Set DIN Control Configuration Software and Hardware


Future Design Controls 100/C, 300, B41, B42, L, P and C-Series Loop controls incorporate a programming port as standard.

FDC-Set v2.0 supports MCT4 PCM & HLM Modules

  When connected to a PC running FD-Set software [FREE] device configurations can be downloaded quickly & accurately




FDC-Set is applicable to FDC 300, 100, B, L, P and C-Series and with v2.0 MCT4 Controls.


Connect the PC to the control through the cable & power supply/converter described below.


When configuring the instruments except for the MCT4, the controls are powered by the SN12A converter through the cable connection; the controls do not have to be powered via the power input terminals. The MCT4 must be powered with connection to FDC-Set through modbus serial connection.


Open a default configuration for the appropriate control series in degrees C or F, change configuration to your requirements and download to the control. Or, once a control is configured through the its' front display/keypad upload its' configuration via FDC-Set. Included in the configuration are setpoint, alarm setpoint, PID settings, etc.


Saving your configuration is easy following traditional Windows commands. Files "saved as" can be opened and downloaded to the controls.



FDC-Set Hardware requirements to connect to DIN controls

FDC-300, 100/C, B, L and P Series

(C-Series has different hardware and is described in a separate section below)




To utilize FDC-Set Software a SN12A converter and one of three different cable connections dependent upon control Series are required.


Part Numbers and Pricing


Series SN12A Converter: $165 List


Cables to Connect Controls to SN12A Converter

Control Series                                                           Cable Part #   List Price

100/C/P: C21, 9100, 8100, 4100, L41, P91, P41    C91-1              $50

C/L/B:    C91, L91, B41, B42                    xxc         C91-2              $25

300:        2500, 9300, 8300, 4300               fffffff xxxC91-3              $25

Do not attempt to make any connections to this port while the controller is being used during normal operation.

9300 & 4100 DIN Controls - Graphics of where FDC-Set is connected to Controls

4100 Shown Below - 9100, 8100, C21, P41 & P91 similar mechanical configuration

9300 Shown Below - 2500, 8300 & 4300 similar mechanical configuration

FDC-Set Hardware requirements to connect to C-Series controls


A Micro USB Port provided on the controller can be used to connect to a PC by using a programming port cable (CC98-1) and a programming adapter (PA98-1) for firmware upgrades and to upload or download configurations from FDC-Set v1.9 or later.


Applicable to: C22, C62, C82, C83, C42 & R22


Do not attempt to make any connections to this port while the controller is being used during normal operation.




Programming Port Cable Part #: CC98-1      $15

Programming Adapter Part #:    PA98-1      $80




FDC-Set v2.0.zip [7.6MB]

v2.0 supports MCT4 PCM & HLM modules. The Modules must be inserted into the MCT4, unit powered and connected to FDC-Set PC via RS485 modbus.


FDC-Set v1.9.zip

Note: 300 Series loop controls firmware v0.73R04 (May 2020) will not work with FDC-Set v1.9 and will be resolved with FDC-Set v2.0. Until v2.0 is released for 300 Series instruments with the most recent firmware use FDC-Set v1.7. Note that FDC-Set v1.9 is required to configure C-Series controls.


FDC-Set User Manual v0.1A.pdf


FDC-Set Brochure.pdf (does not references C-Series)

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