KilnView -

Project - File Open / Close


The file menu allows the user to open and save KilnView Projects

Options are:

-               Open Project:  Allows the user to open a previously saved KilnView project.
                The project includes controller activation data, tagnames and trend setups. This menu
                item is not available while a current project is open or data logging is active.

-               Close Project:  This option closes the current KilnView project.  All windows active
                will be closed and their setups and positions saved as default values for the next time the
                software is started.  If data logging is active, a message box will appear and prompt the user
                to stop data logging before closing the current project.

-               Save Project:  Saves the current project to disk.  If the project has not been named,
                the "Save As" dialog box will be shows to enter a name for the project.

-               Save Project As:  Allows the user the save the current project under a different name

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