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The FDC-2010-K5C Kiln Control utilizes a 5.7" TFT Color Touch Screen provides a familiar Windows® style operator interface with runtime menus, easy user & OEM configuration, important kiln information and operator ease of use [with appropriate security]. The FDC-2010-K5C features may also be used with supervisory PC based software. Future Design Control's KilnView PC Software and sample Kilnview screen shots are shown below. Click Here for a Large View of Main Screen.

KilnView is a PC Based Remote Supervisory SCADA and configuration package for the FDC-2010-K5C Kiln control system and FDC 300 Series Single Loop controllers. The 300 Series Controllers may be used as back-up devices or as process controllers for boilers, chillers and other non-Kiln devices commonly found in a Dry Kiln environment.

Data from each device can be viewed and changed from the Windows base KilnView package. Connection to controllers is accomplished via an RS485 (one to many) connection.

The KilnView Software can monitor up to 64 devices; a maximum of 16 FDC-2010-K5C Kiln Controls with the remaining number of available inputs for 300 Series Single Loop Controllers. As an example with KilnView monitoring 2 FDC-2010-K5C Kiln Controls up to 62 300 Series Single Loop Controls could also be connected. Any of these 64 devices can have their data saved to the hard disk at user-defined rates. Data file analysis tools (digital and auto-trend) make looking at schedule run data a simple task

KilnView provides a rich set of tools for control interaction and data analysis. View Control data in Kiln Faceplate, digital, trend or bargraph format. Change setpoint, tuning parameters, alarm setpoints or units for any controller on the link.

Sample Screens are shown below - for more information return to Main KilnView Page or click the appropriate link(s) at bottom of page.


Sample Drop Down Menus - provide intuitive ease of use


Main Kiln View

Note: Current Temperature & Setpoint values shown for Dry Bulb#1, Dry Bulb#2, Wet Bulb, Control Percent Out for both Dry & Wet Bulb, Vent Position, Fan Direction, with Fan in Auto, an on-demand display of time remaining for Fan condition, Kiln Status [on/off], Schedule Status, Schedule Name, Stage Name, Stage time remaining, Scroll view of active options - events/outputs. [The FDC-2010-K5C shows all the same data on the 5.7" operator interface]


Kiln Schedules: Create New, Edit, select Options [Events & Outputs per Stage]



Schedule Plot View



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Outputs/Events: Configurable per Stage or Manual Output




Core/Monitor Probe View [Temperature, Moisture, Weight, etc.]



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Kiln Setup - Alarm Settings




Kiln Setup - Control Tuning and/or Vent Setpoint

300 Series Single Loop Controls have their own Control Tuning Window



Kiln Setup - Output Monitor

There is a similar view [offline] that allows operator to individually or as group force each output.


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Historical Data Log File - Plot

There is also a similar Live Trend View


Multi Level Security System



Series 300 Single Loop Control View - 4 at a time



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Additional Kiln Information Links below:

Registering KilnView Software & Obtaining Unlock Code: KilnView Software must be registered and an Unlock Code obtained to communicate with FDC-2010-K5C Kiln Control(s) and/or Series 300 Single Loop Controls.


KilnView Kiln Detail View.htm: Main Kiln Data View, Schedule Entry/Edit/Run/Stop View, Schedule Trend View, Export Schedules, Core/Monitor Probe View, Setup - Alarm Setpoints, Control Tuning/Vent Setpoint and IO Monitor


KilnView Kiln Views.htm: Digital Values View, System Alarm Log, Alarm Log Viewer, Control Trends, Bargraphs, Historical Data Viewer [view data log files], Historical Trend Plot [plot data log files] and Audit Trail Viewer.


KilnView Data Logging and Historical Data Views.htm: Configure, Start, Stop Data Logging, View Historical Data Log Files.


KilnView Setup: Configure FDC-2010-K5C & 300 Series DIN Control for KilnView, Data Logging, 300 Series PID Loop Tuning and 300 Series Alarm Setpoints.


KilnView Series 300 Single Loop Controls.htm: Series 300 Single Loop Control description, links, Views, etc.


KilnView Security Overview.htm: Logon, Log Off, Security Configuration, Operator Messages, Audit Trail, CFR21 Security Overview and sample screens & descriptions.


KilnView Alarm File Viewer.htm: View, Acknowledge, Silence, Print, Export, etc.


KilnView - Run Real Time or Simulation.htm: Run KilnView Real Time [default] or for Training in Simulation.


KilnView Project Based Software.htm: Menu System to Open, Close and Save KilnView Configuration as a Project.


KilnView Help Screens.htm: Screen Shot of Help Screens

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