Series 300 Single Loop Controls





KilnView and Series 300 Single Loop Controls

How many FDC-2010-K5C and Series 300 Controllers can be connected to KilnView Software? KilnView can be connected up to 64 Control Loops. A maximum of 16 FDC-2010-K5C Kiln Controllers with the remaining number of control loops Series 300 Single Loop Controllers. As an example, an installation could have one Kiln Control and 63 single loop controls.

What Size are Series 300 Controls? Series 300 Single Loop Controls are available in four sizes; 1/32, 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 DIN with a variety of control outputs.

What applications are Series 300 Controllers used? The Series 300 Single Loop Controls can be used as a back up to the primary FDC-2010-K5C Kiln Control System but typically are used to control other processes from boilers, chillers and other ancillary Kiln equipment not monitored or controlled by the FDC-2010-K5C Kiln Control.

Why Connect Series 300 Controllers to KilnView? When a supervisory computer is used to communicate with one to several FDC-2010-K5C Kiln Control(s) KilnView may also be configured to talk to Series 300 control(s) providing data acquisition, loop tuning, setpoint changing, etc.

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Series 300 Single Loop Control Specifications

The Series 300 Single Loop Controllers offer high performance process & temperature control and an assortment of features. To learn more about these products: Series 300 Controls.htm

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KilnView Menu to View Series 300 Controllers



The Control Faceplates Menu drop down allows selection of groups of 4 Series 300 Controllers as shown below under Series 300 Control Bank View.


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KilnView Series 300 Control Bank View


Controller faceplates allow the user to monitor many kilns or single loop controllers at the same time by lining up multiple faceplates on the computer monitor.  This provides a "quick" view of all kilns/controllers attached to the system.

Banks consist of 4 controllers per bank. Process value (red), setpoint (green) and alarm indication are provided. The faceplate will be updated to show the schedule run, hold and stop buttons as well as current segment active. These faceplates can be used for FDC 300 series single setpoint controllers or the FDC Orion kiln controller. 

When using the Kiln controller (single or multiple units), the faceplate will dynamically show dry bulb and wet
bulb temperature for the kiln assigned in the setup section. The Run, Stop and Hold buttons used for the FDC 300 series single loop controllers will not be visible. These functions must be accessed from the Kiln detail screen when kiln controller is assigned to the faceplate.  Current schedule running as well as schedule status will be shown at the bottom of each faceplate.  Dry bulb temperature, color and heading label will alternate in the faceplate display to match fan direction (forward = white, reverse = blue).

To change the setpoint of a controller when using the FDC 300 series single setpoint controller, click on the  setpoint portion of the faceplate (green display). Enter a new setpoint and hit the "Enter" key. If a setpoint value is written to the controller that is "out of range" of the controller  setup limits, the software will display a dialog box with the appropriate error.are will display a  dialog box with the appropriate error.

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