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Warranty: 3-Years

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Control Comparison:

100, 300, B, C, P, L & 90 Series

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Need single & multiloop controls and Data Acquisition system?


nCompass Series Operator Interface & Data Acquisition Systems for100/C, 300, B41, B42, L, & P Series Controls and FDC IO modules

nCompass Single & Multiloop Control System

Windows CE embedded Operator Interface and Data Acquisition offering 4.3" and 7" touch screen displays supporting up to 15 loop controls, 15 monitor points with up to 16 DI and 32 DO for user configurable control outputs, sequencing & logic.

Go to nCompass Page.htm


EnVision PC Based Data Acquisition

A FREE PC based SCADA software offers unrivaled flexibility for remote SCADA access to up to a mix of 128 devices.


Devices include Future Design Controls loop, IO and Orion-M iSeries control systems.

Go to EnVision Page.htm


L41 FM Approved Temperature Limit Control:

$299 List

Future Design Controls FM Approved L41 is a 1/4 DIN control designed to provide limit protection in process applications where FM approvals are required. With up to three discreet setpoints, up to two control outputs, 18 bit input resolution, fast scan rates, optional RS485 or retransmission, 3-Year Warranty and user friendly prompts make the L41 the right choice for safety protection.


The L41 offers a full range of universal thermocouple & RTD inputs with latching output selections for mechanical Relay (Form C), SSR Drive or Triac output. Consult the L41 manual for linear mA & VDC inputs - consult factory on linear inputs and FM Approval.


With Remote Reset as standard, optional features include a second control output offering Relay (Form C), SSR Drive, Triac or DC Transmitter power supply with a 3rd optional output offering linear mA/VDC retransmission or RS485 communications. Combined or individually these features offer maximum flexibility for demanding applications. Click here for more information on retransmission & communication options.


The L41 Dual Display allows the operator at all times to view Process Variable (temperature) on the upper display with the lower display configurable to show the following: in non-alarm condition display is configurable to show SAFE or Setpoint value; when the process is in alarm condition the lower display defaults to Setpoint value.

For more information - Limit Control Features.

Additional Limit Control Features include an optional 2nd control output configurable as latching, non-latching or alarm silence mode; configurable display decimal point, F/C, input filter factor and more. Click here to learn more about these Limit Control Features.

Agency Approvals include FM, UL Listing, CE and RoHS compliant. (FM Approval applies to units with accepting thermocouple or RTD inputs, consult factory for linear mA or VDC.)

Enclosure offers a slim 2.08" panel depth (53mm) and as standard is IP50 with IP65 (Nema 4X) optional.

Like FDC's other DIN control platforms, PC Configuration Software, very shallow mounting depth and OEM or Distributor Private Branding are available.

FREE EnVision PC Based SCADA Software


EnVision, a FREE PC based SCADA software offers unrivaled flexibility for remote SCADA access to up to a mix of 128 devices including loop controls, 8-channel analog input modules and Orion-M iSeries control systems.

  • Data Logging: Each of the 128 devices, whether a mix of L41's or other Future Design products, can have their data saved to the hard disk at user-defined rates. With up to 129 concurrent data log files, EnVision offers unparalleled data logging flexibility. Data file analysis tools (digital and trend) make looking at schedule run data a simple task

Specification Review

  • Power Input:
    • 90-250VAC
    • 11-26 VAC/11-36 VDC optional
  • Input sample rate - 5 scans/second
  • Input:
    • Universal Thermocouple & RTD
      • Special Order linear mA/VDC [FM approval applies only to units with thermocouple or RTD input]
    • Event Input - Standard: Configurable as a Remote Reset or to Lock all parameters.
  • Limit Control Output #1 - Latching:  Configurable as High Alarm, Low Alarm or combination High-Low Alarm Setpoint with one digital output. Available Digital Outputs:
    • Relay: 2A/240 VAC resistive Form C [spdt]
    • ssr driver: 5VDC/30mA
    • Triac: 1A/240 VA
  • Output #2 is available with one of the following options: Digital Output [relay, triac or ssr driver] or transmitter power supply..
    • Digital Outputs are same as output #1
    • Transmitter Power Supply [Isolated];
      • 20 VDC/25mA
      • 12 VDC/40mA
      • 5 VDC/80mA
  • Communication Options; RS485 Modbus or Retransmission
    • Linear Retransmission:
      • Process or Setpoint Values
      • 0-5/1-5/0-10 VDC, 0-20/4-20mA
    • RS485 Modbus Communication with access to all parameters.
  • Upper Display shows Process Variable (temperature).
  • Lower Display is configurable
    • Non-alarm condition display is configurable to show the word SAFE or current Setpoint value.
    • When process is in Alarm condition the lower display will show, dependent upon configuration, either SAFE or current Setpoint value
    • When process goes from alarm to a non-alarm condition the lower display will revert to the configured non-alarm display; i.e. SAFE.

Process & Temperature Control Page.htm


For other FM Approved High Limit Controls

Limit Controls Page.htm


FM Approved Series 7L DIN Rail Mount and L91 1/16 DIN High Limit

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