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PR30 Circular Chart View and Panel Mount Adapter

to replace existing panel mounted legacy circular chart recorders

Below is a graphic of a PR30 12.1" display configured for a Circular Chart view. Below that is a listing of Panel Mount adapters to replace typical Honeywell, ABB, Anderson Instrument and Partlow circular chart recorder models.



PR30 Circular Chart View


PR30 offers Circular Chart view allowing easy replacement of legacy circular chart recorders to provide secure electronic data files with display configurable for a variety of time formats from 30 minutes to 4-weeks.


Below is a graphic of 10-channel system depicted as a circular chart view.


paperless recorder circular chart




Adapter Plates to panel mount PR30 in exiting cutouts for legacy circular chart recorders


Below is a listing of Adapter Plates to panel mount the PR30 paperless recorder in cutouts for the circular chart recorder models shown.


Adapter Plate Drawings:





Cross reference PR30 adapter plate part numbers to various legacy circular chart recorders


Paperless Recorder Panel Mount Adapter Plate


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