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LAN and Communications including Web Server

PR Paperless Recorder

Information on LAN, Communications including Web Server and the optional
PR-Data Acquisition Studio PC software is shown below




Hardware for LAN Ethernet as well as Serial Modbus is located on the rear of the PR Series. Graphic below is for the PR10 and PR20 with the larger PR30 not shown below but with the same LAN connectivity.



Back View


PR Paperless Recorders Rear View


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Web Server


With the PR Paperless Recorder configured with a static IP port and web server enabled it may be accessed via any standard web browser.


Virtually all views may be accessed as though standing in front of the unit; Trend, Digital, combination Trend/Digital, Bar Graph, Alarms, Digital Input/Output and Analog Output status, Counters, Totalizers and more.


Below are some sample screen views from a browser.


Accessing default view from Browser


PR Paperless Recorder Web Server


Selecting Page view


PR Paperless Recorder Web Server


Selecting Trend View


PR Paperless Recorder Web Server




PR-Data Acquisition Studio Software (DAQ) sample view


Data Acquisition Studio (DAQ) and the standard Historical Viewer/Configuration software are combined in the optional PR-Data Acquisition Studio PC software. The Data Acquisition Studio provides real time access from one to multiple PR units (2,048 tags maximum) as well as supporting data logging function at the PC.


With DAQ running and connected to one or more PR Paperless Recorders the data may be saved on the local PC hard drive. The PR Paperless Recorder(s) may also be data logging their inputs saving data as normal.


DAQ real time access to PR Series also allows real time viewing of standard screen views, download data log files as well as configuration files.


Below is a view of the DAQ software showing multiple windows open showing Alarms, Bar Graph, Digital and Trend Views on one PC screen.



PR-DAQ Extensive Software


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