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PR Series Paperless-Recorders Technical Support

Contact Information, Documentation, FAQ, Self-Train Videos, Firmware Update,
Observer PC Software, Adapter Plates to replace legacy circular chart recorders, Print Direct from PR & more
Paperless Recorder
Technical Support Contact
866.342.5332 / 708.741.4448 or

Shown below are links to download the following Technical Support Information:


User Manuals and Associated Information


PR Series User Manual

PR Series User Manual UMFPR01-A.pdf [27MB]


PCC Card (PID Control)

Included in User Manual UMFPR01-A Jan-2021


Observer Historical Viewer Manual *.pdf [1.4MB]

* excerpt from Users Manual rev E


PR Series Modbus Communication Manual

PR_Series_Communication_Modbus Manual

* excerpt from User Manual starting rev H


PR Series User Manual Excerpts - FAQ Sections

More detail may be found in User Manual UMFPR01-A Jan-2021


PR Series FAQ Electrical & Physical Specifications including list of Analog Input Types.pdf


PR Series FAQ Batch Function Data-Log.pdf


PR Series FAQ Offset and Gain Procedure.pdf


PR Series FAQ Channel Configuration including Math Functions.pdf


PR Series FAQ Firmware Upgrade.pdf


PR Series FAQ Handwriting Messages.pdf


PR Series FAQ IO-Cards Removing-Installing Procedure.pdf


PR Series FAQ Math Expressions.pdf


PR Series FAQ Printing USB-Network Auto-Output.pdf


PR Series FAQ Reset Factory Default.pdf


PR Series FAQ Security Configure Normal-CFR21.pdf


PR Series FAQ Set Time-Date.pdf


PR Series FAQ Touch Screen Calibration.pdf


PR Series FAQ Web-email Overview.pdf



Reset Factory Defaults

PR Series FAQ Reset Factory Default.pdf


PR Series Memory Calculation

PR Series


PR Series CAD 3-D Drawings

PR10 CAD 3-D [3.8MB]

PR20 CAD 3-D [2.5MB]

PR30 CAD 3-D [2.5MB]


AMS2750F Requirements

PR-Series meet AMS2750F Requirements.pdf

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PR Series Training Videos


The PR Series Self-Training videos provide a step by step direction in most functions. There are 11 videos typically approx. 4-minute length that allow an easy method to view only the specific areas of interest.


PR Series Self-Training Video Page.htm


PR Paperless Recorder Self-Training Videos Topic Cross Reference.pdf


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PR Series Firmware Update


The firmware update is applicable to the standard as well as Plus versions of firmware. How to determine the current PR Series firmware is described in the procedure below.


PR Series Firmware Update PV210 v1.39zip [23MB]


PR Series Firmware Release Notes v1.0 to v1.39(2003).pdf

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PR Series Reset to Factory Defaults


The PR Series may be returned to Factory Default Settings by selecting the "Reset button" behind the front access door.


PR Series Reset to Factory Default Settings.pdf



PC Software Downloads

                                                                      - Historical Viewer & Configuration Software (standard)

PR Paperless Recorder Observer .  FDC - PR-Data Acquisition Studio (optional)

PR Paperless Recorder Observer .  FDC - Panel Studio (optional to Develop Custom Views)


PC Historical Viewer Software (standard):

PR Series Historical Viewer - Configuration Software v4.46(2003).zip [87MB]

PR Series Historical Viewer Release Notes v1.00 to v4.46(2003).pdf


Historical Viewer/Configuration software provides capability to view, print, export (.csv) and archive PR Series data files imported via SD or USB cards as well as create and edit unit configurations to be downloaded back to the PR recorder. Historical Viewer is also compatible with legacy VR Series Paperless Recorders.


PR-Extensive Software Data Acquisition Studio (optional):   

PR-Data Acquisition Studio software v2.46(2003).zip [224MB]

PR-Data Acquisition Studio software Release Notes v1.0 to v2.46(2003).pdf


Data Acquisition Studio and the standard Observer Historical Viewer/Configuration software are combined in the optional PR-Data Acquisition Studio software. This software may also be used with the legacy VR Series paperless recorders.


The Data Acquisition Studio provides real time access from one to multiple PR units (2,048 tags) via LAN or serial Modbus and provides data logging function within the software. PR-Data Acquisition Studio allows real time viewing of standard screen views from specific PR Paperless Recorders, to download data log files as well as download/upload configuration files via the LAN.

The PR-Data Acquisition Studio, as fee based software, requires a hardware dongle inserted into one of the PC's USB drives to function. Without the hardware dongle the software may be installed and run in for 1-hour intervals connected to PR Paperless Recorders.

PR Series Historical Viewer Manual *.pdf [1.4MB]

* excerpt from Users Manual


PR Panel Studio to Create Custom Display Views (requires Plus Firmware #2 or #3)

Panel Studio [203MB]

Panel Studio Release Notes v0.9 thru v2.31 March 2020.pdf

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How Many Masters can communicate with a PR at one time (Historical Viewer, PLC, etc)?


The PR Series can communicate with up to two Master devices at one time over Ethernet. The remote masters can be PCs running the software Historical Viewer or Data Acquisition Studio, a PLC, any combination of these or other hardware acting as a Master. With 2 master devices communication additional master devices attempting to join the link will show errors.


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PR Series Expansion Slot Module Usage / Limitations by Model


The PR Series modular design supports a wide array of input/output modules with the quantity of each dependent upon model. Regardless of the quantity all are scanned every 100ms.


The number of digital input (DI), digital output (DO) and analog retransmission (AO) outputs varies by the model’s number of available card slots with each slot accepting an analog or digital I/O card with each card offering up to 6 input or output. The PR10/20/30 offer 3, 4 & 16 slots respectively. Below is a pdf document describing which slots may be used exclusively for Analog Input with the balance allowing either mixed use or exclusively DI, DO, combination DI/DO or AO.




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PR30 Maximum Power Consumption and Expansion Slot Usage by IO type


The PR 30 has a maximum power rating of 39-watts. Refer to the PR30 price page and/or download an excel file to calculate total watts by inserting the complete PR30 part number and number of PC201 PID control boards if any.



PR30 Maximum Power 39 Watt and Options Power Requirements
Below are the power consumption (Watts) for various options with the total part number not to exceed 39 watts.


Option:                   Watts
Base Unit:               15.0W
USB (2 avail):           5.0W / port (when used)
Analog Input::           1.2W / card
Relay Output:           2.6W / card
Digital Input:             0.6W / card
Analog output:          6.0W / card

PC201 PID control:  2.2W / card

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PR30 Panel Mount Adapter Plates to replace legacy panel mounted Circular Chart Recorders


Legacy Recorder Models:

ABB 1900, Honeywell DR4200/4300/4500, Partlow MRC5000



Partlow MRC7000, RF Series, ARC4100 and Anderson Instrument ACR700


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PR Series Comparison by Model


PR Series Comparison by Model

PR Series Comparison Chart - Detail.pdf

PR Series Comparison Chart - qty_only.pdf

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Print Direct from PR Recorder - Printer Languages Supported


The data files as well as convenient report generation may be printed directly from the recorder via LAN to network printers or via its USB port directly to printers supporting PCL4 / PCL5 / PCL6 language.


Due to the variety of printer manufacturers and models it is impossible to test every model. Generally any printer supporting the PCL languages referenced will work. Below are models that have been tested and validated to work.


Printer Models Tested (October 2015)

HP 3015 / HP M401n / Epson LQ300 / Epson TM-T82II


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PR Paperless Recorder web page links:





PR Series Video Training.htm


PR Series Screen Views.htm




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