MCT4 Multi-Loop Touch Screen Controller 1/4 DIN
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DR5000 Circular Chart Recorders
PR Series Paperless Recorders

Circular 10" chart recorders offering traditional 1 or 2 pen ink style recording.

Enclosure fits industry standard panel cut-out, Nema 3 as standard and comes with wall mounting brackets.

The Ink Style Recorder can be ordered to use Partlow® [counter clockwise] or Honeywell® [clockwise] Charts. From $750 List

DR5000 Information

The PR Paperless Recorder models PR10, PR20 and PR30 provide intuitive operation through 4.3”, 5.6” and 12.1” TFT touch screens.

The number of direct analog inputs varies by model with the PR10/20/30 offering up to 6, 24 and 48 respectively with a 100ms total sample rate for all analog and digital inputs. All input channels freely configurable and named to suit your process requirements.

PR Paperless Recorder

PR Series Information

CR06 6 Channel Strip Chart
VR Series Paperless Recorder
From $1,500 List

VR Series Paperless Recorder offers 6.4" TFT Color LCD, 640 x 480 resolution and up to 18 analog input, math functions, Digital I/O and much more.

Can be used as a component in 21CFR Part 11 systems and meets the requirements for NADCAP AMS2750D for data acquisition and electronic records. From $999 List

VR Paperless Recorder

VR Series Information

CR06 Strip Chart Recorder

CR06 Information

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MCT4 1/4 DIN Loop Controller (1-3 loops) with embedded Paperless Recorder

The MCT4 1/4 DIN controller offers a 4.3" TFT Color LCD touch screen interface. Supporting 1 to 3 loops with one may be an FM approved high limit.

Combining multiple control, monitoring, LAN and recording components in one device the MCT4 provides a high value low cost control & recording solution.

MCT4 Information

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