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Need single & multiloop controls and Data Acquisition system?


nCompass Series Operator Interface & Data Acquisition Systems for100/C, 300, B41, B42, L, & P Series Controls and FDC IO modules

nCompass Single & Multiloop Control System

Windows CE embedded Operator Interface and Data Acquisition offering 4.3" and 7" touch screen displays supporting up to 15 loop controls, 15 monitor points with up to 16 DI and 32 DO for user configurable control outputs, sequencing & logic.

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EnVision PC Based Data Acquisition

A FREE PC based SCADA software offers unrivaled flexibility for remote SCADA access to up to a mix of 128 devices.


Devices include Future Design Controls loop, IO and Orion-M iSeries control systems.

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Series 7L FM Approved DIN Rail or Surface Mount High Limit Control:

$139 List

Future Design Controls Series 7L FM Approved High Limit allows for DIN Rail or Surface Mounting providing hi-limit protection for process applications. Also available with a flat base and recessed setpoint knob when space is at a premium.

Setup is accomplished simply by adjusting the Setpoint knob by hand. A Form C [spdt] 5 amp latching relay is provided and must be manually reset each time the unit exceeds the limit setpoint.

Compact and simple, the Series 7L offers dual F/C temperature ranges, LED status indicator [LED energized when in alarm] and remote reset as standard to satisfy customer needs.

RoHS compliance with Agency approvals FM and UL Component recognition category XAPX2. XAPX2 High Limit Control.

  • Available Power Input - defined as portion of part #:
    • 115 VAC
    • 24 VDC or 24 VAC Available
    • note: 230VAC is available for most models*
  • Input - defined as portion of part#: 
    • Thermocouple J, K or T
    • RTD; consult factory
  • Control Outputs:
    • Relay - Form C [spdt] 5A 120VAC resistive
    • Hysteresis: 0.5% of range
  • Temperature Ranges - defined as portion of part #:
  • Order Codes: FDC-7L-Zxxx - Zxxx code shown below
    • Z259: 115VAC; Type J; 0 to 1400F / 0 to 800C
    • Z260: 115VAC; Type K; 0 to 2300F / 0 to 1200C
    • Z261: 115VAC; Type J; 0 to 600F / 0 to 300C
    • Z275: 24 VDC;  Type J; 0 to 600F / 0 to 300C
    • Z289: 115VAC; Type T; -100 to 500F / -70 to 260C
    • Z396: 24 VDC; -Type T; -100 to 500F / -70 to 260C
    • Z338: 115VAC: RTD; 32 to 210F / 0 to 100C
      • *230 VAC Power Input: available for all models above except Z275 with 24VDC. Add characters 230 after the Z# above. Consult price book for cost adder.
      • *24VDC or 24VAC: available for all models; add characters 24VDC or 24VAC after the Z# above
  • Consult Factory for temperature ranges, input types and power input not shown above: 

Process & Temperature Control Page.htm


For other FM Approved High Limit Controls

Limit Controls Page.htm

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