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nCompass LC Timer Mode Screen Views

nCompass Timer View

Compass LC Timer Mode Description and Screen Views:


An embedded Timer Mode provides a count down timer function typically used to turn the heat source off at the end of a single setpoint batch. Typically these functions require two control components, a PID control and Count Down timer. Combining these into one device reduces the number of panel cutouts (reducing OEM costs) while the end user has an enhanced operator interface with all pertinent information on the touch screen including an audit trail of the timer activation.


The timer function in the nCompass configuration provides the OEM with a countdown timer connected to event output x # 1. This provides simple, timed operation of the system for a preset period when more complex automatic program operation is not required. When the option is enabled, a “Start (Stop)” and “Timer” button are available on the single view screen.


nCompass count down timer view


The Start (Stop) button provides quick on/off operation for the first event. The event status (on/off) is displayed under the loop percent output field. By using event 1 as the on/off switch for the process, the operator can control and view operation of the system all from a single screen.

The Timer button allows the operator to enter a preset period of time in hours, minutes and seconds for the system to operate from 1 second to 999 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds, and then start the timer. When the timer is started, the event 1 output will automatically turn on and remain on until the timer reaches zero. Once the time is up, the event 1 output will automatically turn off.

When the timer is in operation, pressing the “Stop” (Start) button, event output 1 will be turned off and the timer will be stopped. Pressing the “Timer” button during timer operation will stop the timer only, but leave the event output on. This allows the operator to continue running the system if more time is required, and then manually stop the system or restart the timer for another length of time.


Dual Loop View shows the Timer Mode Status (Active/Off)

and Time Remaining or the Set Time if in the Off mode


nCompass Timer dual loop view


Entering the Time and Starting the Timer

Upon pressing the “Timer” button when the timer is not in operation, the numeric entry keypad will be shown. The run time is entered as a period of time in hours, minutes and seconds. To make time entry easy, the entry will automatically be formatted into time as the number keys are pressed.

For example, if the run time is to be thirty seconds long, just enter a value of 30. If the run time is one minute and thirty seconds, enter a value of 130 for 1 minute, 30 seconds. If the run time is one hour and thirty minutes, enter a value of 13000 for 1 hour, 30 minutes and 00 seconds.

Since one hour and thirty minutes is also a time of 90 minutes, you can also enter a value of 9000 for 90 minutes, 00 seconds. Upon pressing the ‘Start’ button, the timer will begin operation and the countdown will be displayed and begin as 1:30:00.


nCompass Timer entry view


After the time is entered, pressing the “Start” button on the keypad will activate the timer. The operator can also exit by pressing the “Cancel” button without starting the timer.


Once the timer is started, the current time value will be saved. This allows the timer to be used repeatedly without having to enter the desired time. Each subsequent time the “Timer” button is pressed to activate the timer, the previous time value will be automatically entered on the keypad. The timer can then be activated by simply pressing the “Start” button on the keypad. The operator can also clear and enter a new time if desired.


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