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nCompass Technical Support

Documentation, Software Updates & Contact Information
nCompass Technical Support
Technical Support Contact
866.342.5332 / 708.741.4448 or

Shown below are links to download the following Technical Support Information:


Operation and Configuration Manuals


nCompass LC Single & Dual Loop Operation & OEM Configuration Manuals

nCompass_LC_4.3i_User_Manual_Rev_H.pdf [3.5MB]

nCompass_LC_4.3i_Config_Manual_Rev_E.pdf [1.1MB]


nCompass_VNC_Networking_Guide_Rev_B.pdf [500KB]

xxxxxx xxxxxx nCompass_VNC_Networking_Guide_Rev_A.pdf [500KB] (applicable to Rev levels up to LC v1.9.1)


nCompass MC Single through Ten Loop Operation & OEM Configuration Manuals

MCT-MC_4.3_User_Manual_RevA.pdf [7MB]


nCompass_MC_4.3i_7_MC_User_Manual_Rev_D.pdf [5.1MB]


nCompass_VNC_Networking_Guide_Rev_B.pdf [500KB]


nCompass CM V2.0 Multi-loop control with Control Module Operation & OEM Configuration Manuals

nCompass_CM_V2.0_4.3i - 730i_User_Manual_Rev_D.pdf [6.5MB]

nCompass_CM_V2.0_4.3i_- 730i_Config_Manual_Rev_D.pdf [578KB]


nCompass_VNC_Networking_Guide_Rev_B.pdf [500KB]

Bar Code Scan Description for Profile Start or Annotation.pdf


xxxxxxxxx nCompass-CM v1.0 through v1.3.1

xxxxxxxxx nCompass 4.3i CM User Manual Rev C.pdf [5.7MB]

xxxxxxxxx nCompass 4.3i CM Config Manual Rev C.pdf [625KB]

xxxxxxxxx nCompass_VNC_Networking_Guide_Rev_A.pdf [500KB]

xxxxxxxxx Bar Code Scan Description for Profile Start or Annotation.pdf


nCompass CM v2.0 Configuration & Setup Worksheet



MCT-CM Information

nCompass-CM is no longer available due to component EoL

- The MCT-CM is a form, fit & functional replacement.

- MCT-CM information is available on the MCT-CM web page with

   literature links below from MCT-CM page


MCT-CM Brochure.pdf


MCT-CM_User_Manual_RevB.pdf (May 2021)


MCT-CM Pricing July 2021.pdf


MCT-CM Software Updater Information

Contact Factory or the MCT4 web page for updater information


nCompass HMI Hardware Manual

FDC 450_730_1050_1550 1060 HMI Manual RevB.pdf


nCompass Display and B42 control board (nCompass LC) 3-D CAD Drawing


nCompass 4.3" Display 3-D CAD


SD Card: Calculate how long it will take to fill with data log files:

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nCompass Software Update

nCompass LC 430i Display update:

nCompass LC updater

nCompass LC updater Procedure_v1.1_to_vX.XX.pdf


nCompass Series - Prepare USB Device for Updater.pdf

xxxx Note: To enable the Timer function offered in v1.9.4 and later requires the B42 control board(s) to have firmware v.28.

xx x xxx xx B42 firmware version may be viewed at Settings/Offline/About. B42 firmware may only be updated at the factory.


nCompass MC 430i Display update:

nCompass MC updater

nCompass MC updater Procedure_v1.0_to_vX.XX.pdf


nCompass Series - Prepare USB Device for Updater.pdf


nCompass CM 430i Display update v2.0

Note: nCompass CM 430i v2.0 and later versions are not compatible with v1.3.1 or earlier versions. Use of v2.0 requires matching v2.0 nCompass CM software. Export configuration files from previous versions are not compatible with v2.0. Upgrades to v2.0 require full reconfiguration of control system. Contact the factory for further information to upgrade from nCompass CM 430i v1.3.1 or earlier versions.


nCompass CM 430i updater (Initial release January 2015)

nCompass CM updater Procedure v2.0 through vx.xx.pdf

nCompass CM 430_Release Notes v2.0 through v2.0.pdf


nCompass CM 730i Display update v1.1

nCompass CM 730i updater

nCompass CM-7 updater Procedure v1.0 through vx.xx.pdf

nCompass Series - Prepare USB Device for Updater.pdf

nCompass CM 730_Release Notes v1.0 through v1.1.pdf



nCompass CM 430i Display update v1.3.1 (production units through 12-31-2014):

Note: v1.3.1 is not compatible with hardware shipped with version 2.0 or later

nCompass CM updater

nCompass CM updater Procedure v1.0 through v1.3.1.pdf

nCompass CM Release Notes v1.0 through v1.3.1.pdf

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nCompass Display shows 2009 in the time/date field


The nCompass display includes a Real Time Clock (RTC) used for multiple functions. When fully charged and the display not powered,

the battery will maintain the RTC for +6 months. The document below describes battery charging and replacement if the battery will not maintain a charge.



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B42 Single Loop Control Board


nCompass Single Loop Model: B42 Profile Board Level Control




B42 Control Board DIN Rail Mount Option

MCT-B42 DIN Rail Mount Option.pdf


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Multiloop Loop Control Reference Guides


The nCompass CM and Orion-Mi control systems utilize loop controls. The manuals below provide specific brand and product manuals on the required configuration to communicate with the nCompass CM and Orion-Mi control systems.


Loop Controls supported by nCompass CM V2.0 (October 2014) and later revisions




Loop controls supported by nCompass v1.3.1 or earlier versions as well as the Orion-Mi

FDC-Orion-M_HWSL_2500&3200_Series_Controller_Guide_rev_C s

FDC-Orion-M_HWDL_3500_Series_Controller_Guide_rev_C.pdf s

FDC-Orion-M_DHPL_Plus_Series_Controller_Guide_rev_C.pdf ss

FDC-Orion-M_WDSD_SD_Series_Controller_Guide_rev_C.pdf sss

FDC-Orion-M_WDPM_PM_Series_Controller_Guide_rev C.pdf ssss

FDC-Orion-M_YKGS_Green_Series_Controller_Guide _rev A.pdf


*MultiLoop Control Brand Name cross reference

FD = Future Design Control

DH = Danaher®

EU = Eurotherm®

HW = Honeywell®

RD = Red Lion®

WD = Watlow®

YK = Yokogawa®


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Remote Communications


Fieldbus Networks

Utilizing the Anybus Communicator Networking Gateways from HMS, nCompass LC standard and nCompass optional serial ports can communicate with a variety of fieldbus networks such as DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, CANopen, Modbus RTU RS485 and more, all with complete R/W. For additional information review the Orion-M Fieldbus Communication Guide referenced below.



Serial Modbus Communication





VNC Networking Guide (Virtual Networking Communication)

nCompass_VNC_Networking_Guide_Rev_B.pdf [500KB]

                       nCompass_VNC_Networking_Guide_Rev_A.pdf [500KB] (applicable to Rev levels up to LC v1.9.1 and CM 1.3.1)


SMS text Messaging Provider Information

SMS Text Messaging Provider Information.pdf

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nCompass-MCT Modbus Serial and TCP/IP Demo-Test Tool


nCompass and MCT Platform Controls Modbus Communication tool to test Serial and TCP / IP Modbus communications.


nCompass Language Updater


nCompass offers one-button configuration of one of 28 languages with American English the default language. All other language selections were translated from English to the specific language through internet translation sites. FDC does not guarantee the accuracy or validity of alternative language selections and shall not be liable for any damages or losses, whether direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or any other damages for misinterpretation of other languages.

FDC offers a free PC based application which allows the end user or OEM to modify the translation files. The updated translation files can then be copied to the nCompass control system in order to provide a more accurate or desired translation. Updated translation files may be submitted to FDC and with appropriate documentation and approval may be included in the next nCompass software revision. Contact FDC Technical Support for additional information and access to the nCompass Translator tool. LX

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PC Based Data File Viewer


Orion-M iSeries Data Viewer:

Free PC Based program to View & Print Historical Data, Audit Trail, Alarm & Operator Event Files, validate Digital Signatures and more.


Note that EnVision PC based SCADA software can communicate directly with nCompass LC and CM on a serial modbus RS485 link. EnVision, as a SCADA software, creates its own data log, alarm, audit trail files for up to 128 devices. EnVision does not support opening data log or other files created by nCompass LC or CM systems.


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